Christmas meats from John Pettit
Fresh Lincolnshire farmyard poultry

IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Christmas orders and deliveries are now FULLY BOOKED, however our stores are still open for business.

John Pettit Butchers
Our Products

Country Forcemeat

Only £3.25 per sleeve

Horseshoe Gammon Steaks

Only £3.60 per pack

Selected Fillet Tails

Only £9.50 per lb / £20.94 per Kg


Only £1.40 per packet

John Pettit Butchers
Weekly Specials..

Minced Steak

Only £3.69 per lb / £8.14 per Kg

Value Meat Pack

Only £17.95 each

Chicken Breast Fillets

Only £14.50 per pack of 10

Back to School Pack

Only £35.00 each

John Pettit Butchers
Christmas Items

The Gourmet Festive Pack

Only £195.00 each

Lincolnshire Sausage Meat

Only £2.75 per lb / £6.06 per Kg

The Mary & Joseph Pack

Only £55.00 each

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage

Only £3.49 per lb / £7.69 per Kg